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Canadian Dominatrix in the 6ix (666 aka. Toronto) Femdom Goddess, BDSM Practitioner, Pansexual Kinky Puppeteer, Kinky Artiste, Actress, Lover of Weirdness, Divine Jester, Hedonistic Guide, Retraining men since 2005.
Address Me as Contessa, Goddess or Queen.



Canadian Dominatrix In The 6ix (666 Toronto).

I’m a hedonistic Canadian woman based in Toronto, Canada who enjoys being served and amused by submissive men while nurturing freak communities and getting out in nature. When I’m in town and available I offer my time professionally in a few ways for training and facilitating experiences as an active Dominant. I lean towards weirdness, variety, transformative and sensation play above all else. Denial of bad male behaviours and deconstruction of habits are also fun for me with legitimately receptive “puppets”; I’m not interested in convincing you if you aren’t ready. Getting to live scenes takes a decent bit of screening and tests of ability to follow directions. Negotiations happen in a safe, sane and nearly sterile manner, as swiftly as I am able, so we can get on to the play. I need that sane voice to negotiate boundaries and a deposit before all live meetings. My time is valuable and it doesn’t come for free.



Revere the divine Feminine, find balance in servitude, tear down inner boundaries to explore further, learn new skills to better please and serve Me, push your physical abilities and become stronger. Intimate negotiations used to navigate BDSM and risks are a life skill every man needs more practice with. I also enjoy dehumanizing, dealing with that pesky ego and locking cocks away. Suffer for Me, Prove yourself to Me, Worship Me.


Study My lessons via videos and distance training, offer your body for Me to play with in a live scene or online session, delight me with your personal growth and increasing usefulness to me, become my kinky penpal and huff my panties, complete the slave tasks or obscure side-quests, send gifts when my work speaks to you strongly, sponsor my adventures or classes, explore with My direction and get weird.


Kinky goals, reintroduction to body, bodyhacking + self-exploration, seeking balance in servitude, strength in practice, experience negotiating boundaries and intimacy: I can do that. Rituals marking personal growth, side-quests, learning experiences, education, health benefits of kink and experience collecting, living more of your true self, spotting you while you drift off in subspace are all in my realm as well. If you really do the work I'm willing to take you further…

Contessa Zoe Aspasia

“I love to create + reprogram human puppets in creative and cruel ways.”

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POV, Instructions + Slave Tasks, Body Worship, Fantasy, slave self-improvement and more at iWantClips


Ballbusting, Anal Training, Weird Themes + Cosplay, Dehumanization, Bondage, Spanking, Percussion + More at


Call me on Niteflirt: Femdom, Consulting + More. Start Here.

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Here I post mostly Femdom videos with slaves: Percussion, Ballbusting, Anal Training, Femdom POV videos and some of my odd themes, check out my playhouse :)



Here you'll find a growing assortment of my videos: Ballbusting, Femdom POV + more and listings for worn panties + personal items. New as of Spring 2018.



Skype and G Chat Distance Training(cam or text), In-Person Sessions, Outings, Meetings + Exchanges, Park and Coffee Shop Weirdness and more....

Live Experiences


“I create space for exploration and strength-building through intense and memorable human experiences.”

The best scenes and interactions for me involve a few areas of play, genuine curiosity + want for collection of experience points. There are a few types of activities that don't really mix for me, and the advance notice for live bookings give me the time to create or seek out extra materials that may be needed. I love when a submissive is exploring, playing and researching on their own in between our meetings, it reminds me of Me and I love seeing real work and progress.

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Push yourself for Me


Dehumanization, Humiliation, Anal Training + Odd Insertions, Sounding, Bodyhacking, Scent Worship, Smothering, Percussion + Pain Training, Canes, Floggers, Corporal, Showers, Predicament Bondage, Ignore, Ballbusting, CBT, CBB, NT, Outings, Chastity, Findom, Foot Dom, "Forced" Cardio/ Yoga, SPH, Feminization, Denial and more

Transformations & Escapes


Canadian Ass Kicking, Sheet Ghosts, Turkeysluts, Creative Tourism, Outings, Clowns + Pies, Mimes, Mascot Heads, Cosplay. Paper Bag Pain Sluts, Oversized Tools, Fruit-Fucking, Cats vs Dogs, Warror Queen + Pirates, Priestess + Witch + Sorceress + Vamp + Goth Chick, Outdoor scenes, Weird hikes, Twisted Medical Scenes, Kiddie Pools + Tarps. Sportsball, Mustard Mistress, Kitchen Puppy + More

Longer Term Servitude
Work towards goals under My wing


Kinky Consulting + Confession, Kinky Penpals, Snail Mail scents, Workbooks, Resource Sharing + Homework or Slave Tasks, Kink + Health Goal Setting/ Motivational Help, Working on My Projects, Running Errands, Submitting on Video and More. Opportunities grow with proven time following directions well.

More Than That
Other popular requests


Mummification, Worn Panties + Socks + Hose, Scissoring + Leg Worship, Beatdowns + Human Punching Bag, Sensory Deprivation, Hair Fetish, Wax, Scent + Temperature Play, Rope + Bondage (Jute, Cotton, Cuffs), OTK, HOM, Rhythmic Percussion, Sensory Overloads, Pro Wrestling Holds, Buttplug Hikes, Human Floor, Trampling, Face Standing, Shopping, Cannibal + Vore and more..


These are my hard boundaries, don’t waste time holding out for them to be any different, or waste MY time asking for them.
  • I am not a sensual dominatrix. If you are looking for a highly traditionally sexual power exchange, I am not the person for the fantasy. I don’t do anything in regards to fluid exchange and all of my activities are negotiated from a risk-aware perspective. Intimate body worship, assisted release.. if those are your main ask, again, I’m not the person for that fantasy. I look for variety in my play and negotiations are not avoidable for safety reasons. Intensity builds with experience and trust, I don’t jump from 0-100 with newbs. If you have experience with something that is intense and my speciality, expect to provide several references.

  • You must be of legal age to engage in adult entertainment in your area to interact and negotiate with me. I may need more than one way to verify this if you approach me outside of an age-verified service such as my video stores. I do not play with beings that cannot consent. Don’t write me for “your friend” or “your wife who can’t email me because x y z”. I DO play with couples (and love it), but all parties involved must have their own voice in negotiations. I do not play with beings that cannot consent or advocate for themselves.

  • I'm not available 24/7 for anyone, nor looking for any dependants who want to give up control of their adult responsibilities for life with the fantasy that they can service me and be in my presence all the time (that includes toilet slave, cleaning slave, domestic servitude, driver). That fantasy is never an option: I highly value my alone time to refresh my energy as a facilitator and often heavy player. Subs who have made their way into my life who bring other skills to the table with their submission served me Professionally for a long time before being invited into that realm or being given responsibilities where I am depending on them for follow through. Show your follow through with meetings.

  • Follow my communication requests and be clear about what you are seeking so we don’t waste each other’s time. Hopefully this gives a good idea of where I’m coming from and what’s on offer. I’m generally quite direct with my needs, wants and boundaries and I recommend you ask for clarification if you need it and take my referrals (if I give you them) or complete my “chill out” tasks (aka write me later after you’ve calmed down) if I’m feeling like you are pushy or not respecting my time or needs.

As for the rest, inquire politely.


"I'm passionate about body and brain hacking via kink, continuing education in regards to intimacy + sensations
and exploring what we've been give or bravely heading into new territory after significant changes.

I'm passionate about exploring sexuality and the self through kink + experience collecting. I've experimented with many things and believe everyone can keep learning. I believe women are Goddesses and hold secret healing knowledge, that the age of Female Supremacy is inbound and we are to be worshipped. I balance kinky leadership and experience facilitating offerings, with community building work, practice + education, and time spent off the grid, homesteading or being outdoors.
Domination fuels me, and is one of my favourite creative outlets. My headspace when I get into it, is a meditative zen space (especially during percussion, layering sensations or heavy breathplay). I love to move, and I love to be amused and really really laugh. Those who serve me gain strength and peace through pain and silliness, some of the best harnessed energy for growth, learning and earning a place that gives you drive and meaning. My verbalizations with newbs are usually quite gentle and rare, heavy humiliation/ degradation must be negotiated.
I created so many perverts through Craigslist in Toronto for many years, have a decade+ of Session Wrestler experience, a decade + of selling tasty worn panties and filthy edibles, heaps of other SW related experiences and always incorporated some sort of memorable theme or creative twist into my work. That may come from my belief that well-placed restrictions + boundaries can allow for some serious blossoming, which can include the very effective checking of ego and expectations through Female-led servitude.


I offer the option of live time training or servitude in Toronto (since 2007) to well-behaved submissives. I've met and played with lots of excellent people (and consensually bullied "losers") at varying levels of experience. Every Live Experience involves a cleared Deposit, completed Screening and Advanced Notice. Booking + Screening are usually done via email. My availability is (M-F + 8-8pm): weekends are rare, often booked 2+ weeks out. Several days notice is recommended, no same-day bookings for new submissives. Outcalls, Texting to book and short Scripts are earned through good behaviour and regular servitude, as well as greater booking flexibility: it takes growth and attentiveness to get to my inner circle. I share Tour dates, Special Deals and Kinky Themes through my Mailing List.

Private Sessions

Explorations + Sensations with My lead in private spaces.

Play exists within a realm of our mutual boundaries/ interests. I host: all of the spaces I use have showers, towels, heat + AC and are private. First meetings often include my aligning your physical language with your verbal, getting to know you. Not everyone can drop into headspace on a first meeting, and I get that. I do not take people to heavy play levels on a first scene (ex. cutting, KOs, Outdoor servitude) unless you have 3 recent + responsive references. Hells yes I want to take you down the freak path, and can I ever, but risk aware consent is first and trust/ good vibes go a long way. Those build between us when you really pay attention. If you’re visiting once, be very open about your goals. If you show improvement and push yourself we can go a long way together. Duos available depending on your boundaries/scheduling and are amazing as well.

Outings & Pickups

Parks, Coffee Shops, City Hikes, Benches, Play Parties, Shopping, Kinky Tourism, Film Festivals, Consult + Confessions.

These exist respecting the non-consenting bystander. I’m generally not in obvious fetish gear, though sometimes leather: I’m aiming to blend better than that. I won't be talking about your ass to the people at the next table or letting you grovel in a cafe that I want to revisit. Pickups/ Short meets are for picking up gift bags with freaky stuff: toys, sissy kits, slave tasks, worn panties/ socks, cashpoint meets, filthy snacks, golden coffee.. a few words, discreet hand-off and a parting. Outings/ Longer meetings are great for the rest: food, strolls, art, parties + events, brain-picking, shopping. Base rate is for my time. Extra costs may include tickets, food, travel costs, shopping funds, special order toys.. each adventure is negotiated. The wackiest public "stuff" happens in time to those open to it who have proven they can follow directions and slow their roll when need be. That's when I can put you in a bear costume and take you to the park.

Distance Training

Serve from afar via online submission, training videos, phone calls, text-based chats, text- messaging (earned). Email is not my preferred method for ongoing training.

I offer distance slave training or kinky play either live time or with more casual response times and less direction in your play once you have supplies/direction. Live Time meetings Online have a per minute rate or base rate for short scenes or meets. Snail Mail/ Email/ Keyholding arrangements are negotiated on a case-by-case basis factoring in supplies + emotional labour. Snail mail is sent discreetly: vac-sealed worn panties or pantyhose, used socks, sissy packages, photo prints, handwritten erotica, slave instructions, costumes, toys and more. I have recently added Niteflirt to my offerings, check for my availability and enjoy my audio recordings, as well as my videos in my shops online to serve. Custom video/ audio are available but I'm not big on scripts. Many distance slaves like regular meetings weekly, bi-monthly with tasks, check-ins and reward/ encouragement systems. I also create custom slave contracts but not until I find our groove.

My Specialties

I've been known for many themes and nerding out in various areas of kink and sexuality over the years, shenanigans through Craigslist when that was the main place to advertise. Below are some of the most popular reasons people seek Me right now.

I'm a semi-retired session wrestler with strong legs and a love to ragdoll/ pretzel a bodies and introduce them to experiences in odd poses, with or without rope. Many people have sought me out to experience my headscissoring, an intimate breathplay experience.
You'll find my most recent scissoring films on I incorporate things like pro-wrestling holds, human punching bags, victory posing, smothering, slaps, kicks, grapevines, HOM, Scissorholds (Head/ Body/ Reverse), Figure 4, Camel Clutch, Boston Crab, Pantyhose Fetish, Face Standing, Tickling, Pain Training + Corporal Punishment, Bagging (breathplay), Leg + Foot worship, Scent Worship. I do not KO on a first meeting but will walk the line.

I am delighted when I whack around and torture men's junk. Whether it's ball stretching, layered sensations + denial, chastity devices + teasing, implements to whack and mark (floggers, canes, crops, single tail), tucking, tape, pointy things, clothespins, needle play, wax, fire, heat, ice, weights, ball leashes, zip ties, cupping, urethral play + sounding, electro, ball kicking + trampling, chopsticks, vibes, whartenburg pinwheels, ball spanking, candle cocks, sensory deprivation, trampling, boot + barefoot kicking, baseball bats, golf clubs, hockey sticks, predicament CBB, waterplay, golden, SPH + verbal humiliation, spitting, grapefruit/ object fucking and more. Many of you found me through my oddly themed or hard ballbusting videos on Clips4Sale.

I like weird. I've always experimented, perverting the everyday, being resourceful with my environments + tools. I routinely nerd out over themes + combinations and some of those things become immortalized, burned into the brains + experiences of many: rubber chickens, humiliation costumes, dehumanization, paper bags, masks, slave tasks, grapefruit fucking, cat vs dog, cornholing, turkeysluts, Mustard Mistress, Bunny Basket Bitch, Sportsball!, Cannibal Fetish, Pie Throwing, Clowns, Mime Trashing Tale of Ten Markers, Sheet Ghost Sluts, Trashbears, Lobster Tourists, Flower Sluts, Kitchen Puppy, Groucho Glasses, Bad puns beaten to death, terrifying witchery, dark rituals, creature creation + predicament bondage, slut puppets, confused boners and more...

Some days get too busy for deep headspace and a few minutes/ a task is all you need to stay on target: kinky chats, confessions or a consultation, connecting with your kinky Goddess. Morning meets to pump/ plug you up before a stressful day, city art/ park walks with golden coffee or panties in your pocket, golden camelbak hikes, "filthsnack" picnics, shopping trips to get you out more often. A discreet dip: slipping into panties/ pantyhose under your pants, chastity devices, cashpoint meets, mustard mistress, "lost tourists", odd costumes or props, art walks, music events + public humiliation might happen with my companionship, perversions + wisdom.

I fall into headspace relatively quickly with music to tune into + quickly forget, building up rhythm on a body with strikes, scrapes, wallops, stings, upstrokes, downstrokes, canes, crops, hair brushes, paddles etc, concentrating on precision + rhythm. I had 10yrs percussion experience before becoming a ProDomina. I always warm up the skin first, and can give this experience without marking, but if you can handle a few hours or a day's lines, I can take you much further. Lasting marks + bruising by pre-negotiation only. OTK spanking is great but when I have full range of shoulder motion your ass will never forget it.

Incorporate My scent into play, devotion or escape: the intimate act, the secrets, smothering, scent + texture together with a tasty gusset. Ass worshipers request deeply scented panties mailed to them for play with POV videos + foot fetishists snag stockings for mouth stuffing. Great scenes combine bondage + wrestling pins with deep sniffing (ass, armpits, feet, gussets, socks, gags, pantyhose hoods). I also use essential oils in some scenes for awareness, sensory grounding, anxiety lessening, mark lessening, waking up from dopey subspace. Aromatherapy plus percussion can be a very fun ride. I am allergic to perfume but love scent play in these directions (my own + plant-derived).

I’ve been handing off my panties and other personal perversions since 2007 via snail mail + live exchanges. I was very active during peak Craigslist ERS "gifting" worn panties and filthy parcels around the city. I vacseal for freshness and wrap discreetly: breathe deep of my scents, wank with lace that kissed my ass, use as a motivational tool or plate for the topping that turns your crank. I also "time" panties: travel days, epic workout/ masturbation days, monthly (panty vampires delight, extra creamy). 1-2 days wear is standard, aiming for sweet, sharp, musky, creamy, golden or filthy results. I also post listings on as a member and volunteer.


What sorts of experiences will you acquire? What weirdness + cravings will I bring into your life?

It's all so exciting + nerve-wracking, the unknown. I know you are eager to play, but expect to have a direct conversation about boundaries/safety before any heavy role play/ play goes down. It's important to me to negotiate to create play + parameters that work for all parties to begin (even if you want to lie down in a puddle or let me tie your balls to the ceiling).

The way you follow directions + ask for clarity here are a window into how you follow + perceive directions in a scene. Screening is a necessary + sometimes bland step in getting there, so if you put little effort into this part or avoid my follow-up questions I can't make time for you.

Negotiations lead to Booking + Deposits, arranged via one email at a time, finalized with a text. Advanced notice is required: I don't have last minute availability. If you find yourself too excited writing, save a draft, go work out and try again later. Tell me a little about your interests and experience and I'll take it from there.

Address Me as Contessa, Goddess or Queen.

Your message was sent, thank you!