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Canadian Pro Dominatrix in Toronto, BDSM Practitioner, Experience Facilitator, Pansexual Kinky Lifehacker, Hedonist, Session Wrestler + Pro-Domina since 2005.
Address Me as Contessa, Goddess or Queen.


Professional Dominatrix + Experience Facilitator

I’m a Canadian woman, experience collector, sadist and hedonist who has been creating experiences for submissives and experience seekers or sluts for many years, while constantly seeking out new and immersive experiences of my own. I have a lot of exciting skills, ideas and hands-on experiences to draw from to create scenes for a variety of experience levels (including none).

I credit my kinkster experiences for bringing me extra benefits on top of personal kinky/ filthy achievements (delightful surreal memories for life, new exciting feels and motivation): improved trust, practice negotiating and prioritizing needs, channeling/ grounding post scene feels + stress into productivity or self-care, increased patience + consideration.

The Great Gonzo once suggested that sometimes there’s a better path than the easy way. I think the best things we can craft for ourselves in this life come through ways that are not easy or linear, rational or familiar. I invite you to submit to my style of Domination and wealth of experience, or dive deeper with my guidance and try some kinky life hacking.


Dive into Submission

Submit to a unique scene with a live time experience. I play with individuals, couples of all varieties, kinksters + seekers of all gender identities.
Expand your experiences led by a creative top who likes to get fancy or submit to amuse Me."

  • Private Sessions
  • Consultations/ Brain Picking
  • Personalized Aftercare
  • Aftercare Outings or Shenanigans

Distance Training

Wish you were local?
I offer live time meets and scenes through as variety of options via online or via phone/ text.

  • Messenger Sessions
  • Texting
  • Phone Calls
  • Video Calls
  • Consulting/ Brain Picking
  • Sessions, Instructions, Tasks
  • Custom Instructions + Media


I have regular experience sluts + self-identified "slaves" who serve me as often as they are able locally or online with a variety of schedules and structures. I take on new subs and seekers for contract/ collar-like experiences once we've played at least a few times or found a groove. These "contracts" start small with room for check-ins and adjustments."

more about me


I love variety in scenes, touches of hedonism, decadence or weirdness, sensory layering and more. I love witnessing the intense experiences of others, excited to facilitate scenes with a variety of vibes and states and new or immersive experiences with unique sets of boundaries.

I pre-negotiate all live play, checking in on ability, boundaries, limits, wish lists, experiences, expectations and desires, and need that conversation to make the best scenes happen: open communication, risk aware navigations and consent are hot.

The best matched subs/ seekers for me are those with open minds who experiment and educate themselves around their kinks and bodies when they are able. Any sort of starting point in communicating yays/ nays is better than having “no boundaries”. They respect my time, privacy and boundaries and work to treat all other folks with kindness and respect as well.

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Leg/ Foot Fetish + Worship, Trampling, Scissoring, Smothers, Verbal and Physical Humiliation, Strap On Training, Golden + Virgin Showers, Femdom/ Goddess Worship, Nipple Play/ Torture, Flesh Clamps, Bondage (Jute, Cotton, Saran), Protocol Training, Scent Play, Minty/ Florentine Flogging, Scratching, Shaving, Spanking, OTK, Paddle, Ignore Fetish



Cats vs. Dogs, Mime- Trashing, Human Turkey Stuffing, Odd Insertions + Butt Stunts, Paper Bag Pain Sluts, Fruit-Fucking, Butt-Plugged Theatre, Costumes, Onesies, Masks, Vore/ Cannibal. Giantess Fantasy, Human Furniture + Dehumanization, Animal Role Play, WAM/ Feet + Food/ Pies, Character Creation

Long-Term Shenanigans


Live + Distance Training, “Slave Contracts” and Ownership, Short Term Contracts + Reviews, Kinky Goals + Training, Filthy Tasks + Encouragement, Custom Media, Body + Life Hacking, Travel/ Trips, Multi- Day Adventures, Shared Self Care Moments, Reading/ Book Club, Tasks + Homework, Weekly Chats with Me, Snail Mail, Collaring, Camp Bitch Training, Specialty Punishments

A lil’ More + Sadism



We May Not Be the Best Match If you…

... are seeking urgent contact or immediate access to me and can’t find your patience
... are seeking a very specific scene and location or have a script with more than ten lines
... have “zero boundaries” and will do “anything” but need more practice in active listening and following instructions
... aren’t of legal age or ability to consent or are asking me to involve folks or beings that cannot consent
... skip or avoid answering my screening or negotiation questions or requests

Sometimes the timing just isn’t right to understand each other and so long as the conversation has been civil,
I’ll assign a date several weeks or months off to start again fresh: this often results in a much better connection and understanding of each other.


more about me

I’m usually working on a few things at once, taking a few classes, practicing a few things. I like to balance being “served” with giving my time to large meaningful projects in a few communities, immersing myself in new skills and challenging environments and running offgrid to the woods or a cabin every now and then to relax, study, partake in a ritual or forage.

I love food and art festivals, museums, interesting parks + city nature hikes, shows, plays, musicals, unique foods, interesting classes or workshops, live music, dance events, comedy shows, reading at cafes (coffee/ tea), crafting and building things and other unique human experiences that I may find. I absolutely share some of the best experiences during my extended adventures + themed aftercare.


Live Time means connected live at the same time to communicate or play, whether that’s via Phone Call, Texting, Video Chats or submitting to me in the same room.

My main availability is generally between 9am - 11pm on weekdays with weekend availability being rare and often booked up a ways out. Tribute is required for this kind of attention, and advanced notice in order for all the right things to align. Negotiations and screening are needed for most things, references occasionally. A few days notice is good, a week even better for setting something up.

  • Private Sessions/ Scenes or Consultations
  • Online Play or Brain-Picking
  • Texting, Text-Based Chats, Phone Calls
  • Extended Scenes with Outings
  • Extended Aftercare Adventures
  • Sub Contracts + Ongoing Training

My Specialties

Some of the most popular reasons folks seek me out right now relate to the following:

I will forever pervert the everyday, and memorable themes have included: cats vs dogs, bunny + cow sluts, human turkey stuffing, cornholing, grapefruit fucking, omorashi + bondage, cannibal fantasy/ vore/ giantess, pie throwing, gnome hat insertions, paper bag pain sluts, rubber chickens, a tale of ten markers, golden coffee, butt-plugged hikes, mime torturing, mustard mistress, odd insertions, tea ceremonies, confused boners, flower sluts and much more.

Body bags, mummification, inversions, rope bondage (hemp, jute, cotton), ratchet straps, tape, predicament bondage, pretty bondage, dishevelled or dehumanized bondage, stretching for bondage, plaster casting, masks, hoods, respirators, scarves, sheets, blankets, saran Wrap, hoists and pulleys, micro bondage, weights, quick or intricate, sensory deprivation, bondage furniture and bondage to items….

Scissorholds (head, body, chest, balls, forward, reverse), HOM, smothers, face sitting, chest pins, boston crab, camel clutch, submission holds, strikes (punches, slaps, real or exaggerated), grapevines, figure 4s, bow and arrow, predicament bondage, masks, wrestling boots, foot domination, victory posing, headlocks, ab worship, leg worship, foot worship, foot gagging, kneeing, kicks, punches, slaps, wet slaps, strap on, scented smothering and more. I incorporate these things into Domination scenes, I no longer offer competitive or semi-comp wrestling sessions.

A personal favourite for my entire kinky journey. Helps that I had a decade of percussion experience from other work to contribute to my rhythm and focus. I start small and ramp up and do love taking people to intense places with this: canes, crops, bull whip, stock whip, skewers, tawse, spanking, slapping, thuddy or stingy, with heat or cool or scent, bare handed or gloved, Florentine flogging (plastic, rubber, leather), hairbrush spanking, broken skin, tears, along to music (oontzy, flowy, familiar, jarring, spooky, intense) with a hell of a lot of enthusiasm.

YES I do offer amazing extended experiences to subs and seekers that I have experience playing with already. Having experience understanding each other gives more flexibility and green lit play than with a newb and allows me to take advantage of longer hours to create more immersive experiences. 6+ Hr scenes or longer (12, 24hs +), in combination with specialized aftercare time or an outing, which could be followed by another private scene, there are lots of ways to split up time between play and other exciting things in any time and place. A common first dive into this is a 2-3 hr scene followed by 2-3 hrs social time either exploring or coming down. The tributes for these all vary based on the location and length of time to spend together or at least nearby haha.

Slapping, spanking, stretching, surface piercing and lacing, electro, wax, water, oil, temperature, hooks and fishhooks, urethral sounds, vibrators, remote vibes, odd insertions, stuffing, deep stuffing, single tail / canes/ crops, micro bondage, trampling, sensory deprivation or layering or overload, pantyhose, fingering, violet wand, textures and more. It helps for me to know how you refer to these parts of your body if they’re involved, as this is so personal and can change depending on the headspace or fantasy.

Humiliating or encouraging, with a memorable theme, cosplay or latex/ leather, submissive nudity, or lack thereof, bondage or protocol training, collars, spread and pulled or wrapped tight like a mummy, pantyhose encasement, slings, spreader bars, toys and even bigger toys, fists or feet in ass, speculum and stretching, spit roaring, double or multi- Domme scenes, over stimulation or sensory deprivation, servitude and dehumanization or pretty slut princess fluffing, vanilla audiences. Yes, I am an active top with a sweet thrust, strong legs and skills to string up or immobilize if time and trust allow. I love introducing people to their first assgasm and my right fist knows some amazing tricks.


I’ve met and played with many awesome subs and experience seekers over the years, have lovely regular kinksters in my life and do have space for more: short scenes, adventures or ongoing training. When you write, give lots of notice, be patient and know sometimes there may be a bit of a wait: I respond to emails between adventures and do occasionally head off-grid (check my Twitter for notes about being in the forest somewhere).

The way you answer questions and communicate helps me see if we can understand and translate each other correctly before setting up anything complicated, and sometimes the best option is to wait a few months and try again. Negotiating is not the most exciting part of setting up scenes for everyone, but in sex-positive and kinky communities, it’s sexy, builds trust and allows for hotter role play, better check-ins/ more detailed consent and personalized encouragement or humiliation play.

When you write, give me a basic idea of where you are coming from, how you identify in kink or with this power dynamic specifically. I’ll send clarification and safety questions, and the negotiating begins. Be honest about your experience or lack thereof, there is a variety of play options for every experience level, and safewords are not bad words. Let’s get weird.

~The Contessa

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